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more than 35 years of experience Working to Preserve the Rights, the Independence, and the Dignity of Individuals.

As the years pass, it gets more and more difficult for anybody to take care of themselves and, more specifically, keep track of their finances. Many people, including seniors, who are living alone may need assistance protecting their income and assets, handling finances, and ensuring that bills are paid on time. This doesn't mean, however, that they are ready to give up their independence.

Cleveland attorney Alan J. Rapoport has been helping the elderly and their loved ones find care and living arrangements for more than 30 years. With the independent living assistance he offers, elderly individuals can have the help they need while feeling confident that they remain in control of their lives. For more information during a free initial consultation, contact Cleveland lawyer Alan J. Rapoport today.

A "Personal CEO" to Help Keep Track of Things

The law office of Alan J. Rapoport is committed to helping people manage their personal, legal, and financial affairs without taking steps which threaten their independence or freedom. While Mr. Rapoport acts as the "Personal CEO," you're still the Chairman of the Board. Among other things, these services include advice regarding investments and long term / retirement planning and help:

  • assuring living arrangements that maximize independence
  • establishing relationships and safeguards which ensure on time bill payments
  • implementing procedures to assure income is received safely
  • preparing trust and other estate planning documents

Services Designed to Facilitate Continued Independent Living

These services are meant to be tools for elderly individuals to use in order to ensure that their property is protected and their money is managed appropriately without unnecessarily relinquishing all of their rights in favor of a guardian or other third party. It isn't the same as in-home care, because the client is left in complete control of their day-to-day lives. However, if you feel that you or an elderly loved one does need more supervised care and the ultimate protection of probate court review, then Mr. Rapoport can also help in setting up a plan.

For more information during a free initial consultation, contact the law office of Alan J. Rapoport today.

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