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Families are spread all over the United States and sometimes all over the world. But if someone dies a resident of Ohio or owning real property in Ohio, probate proceedings must be filed in Ohio. There may not be any family members who live in Ohio at such a time to open a probate estate. This raises understandable questions about how to begin proceedings and how they can be handled fairly, economically, and efficiently.

Cleveland probate attorney Alan J. Rapoport has the highest possible AV-Rating from Martindale Hubbell and more than 35 years of experience handling inheritance, probate, and estate administration matters in Ohio. If necessary, he can apply to the probate court on behalf of heirs and serve as a bonded Estate Administrator to assure that the estate is not stuck in limbo. Trustworthy, efficient, and cost-effective, he will handle your loved one's estate in a timely, thorough and sensitive manner.

A Probate Lawyer Prepared for Any Circumstance

  • Sale or Transfer of Real Property. In addition to handling common probate matters involving bank accounts and other financial assets, Mr. Rapoport is also highly qualified to assure that a house or other real property owned by the decedent is protected before transfer or, if necessary, that property is improved and marketed for sale.
  • Items of Sentimental Importance. He will make sure that photographs, family records, pieces of art and any other kinds of personal property are conserved and passed along to family.
  • Families Who Live Overseas. He has travelled personally as far away as Hungary and Ukraine to make certain that the rights of heirs who live outside of the United States are protected. He has relationships with attorneys overseas who can search records and help with documentation.
  • Tax Returns. He will make sure that income and estate tax returns are filed at minimum cost and maximum benefit to the beneficiaries.
  • Someone to Talk With. As an experienced Ohio trusts and estates attorney, Mr. Rapoport keeps his clients regularly advised of his progress in probating estates. He is easily available to answer any of their questions by phone or by email.

Efficient, Expedient Probate Services

Without care, estate administration can take too much time. Training and instinct are required to locate assets, resolve creditor claims, positively identify all beneficiaries, distribute shares to those beneficiaries, and make sure that all wishes of the decedent are honored. Cleveland probate attorney Alan J. Rapoport has over 35 years of experience. He has earned a reputation for honesty and for providing fast and efficient service.

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