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more than 35 years of experience Working to Preserve the Rights, the Independence, and the Dignity of Individuals.

When a loved one passes away, it's natural that the family would rather spend time in grief together than spend time in Ohio probate court proceedings, serving as executor, and distributing the decedent's estate to creditors, heirs, and other beneficiaries.

Cleveland probate attorney Alan J. Rapoport has the highest possible AV-Rating from Martindale Hubbell and more than 35 years of experience handling inheritance, probate, and estate administration matters in Ohio. Trustworthy, efficient, and cost-effective, he can see to it that your loved one's estate is handled in a timely, thorough manner. For a free initial consultation to discuss your probate and estate administration needs, contact the law office of Alan J. Rapoport today.

A Probate Lawyer Prepared for Any Circumstance

  • Business Succession & Probate Litigation. In addition to handling common probate matters, Mr. Rapoport is also highly qualified to handle business succession matters and probate litigation in the unfortunate event that a will contest arises.
  • Heir Tracing. If you need help locating a missing beneficiary, he can provide expansive services.
  • Wrongful Death Claims. If your loved on was killed as the result of an accident or the negligence of another, he is an experienced wrongful death litigation attorney who will work diligently to recover fair compensation and probate it along with the rest of the estate.
  • Avoiding Probate. As an experienced Ohio trusts and estates attorney, Mr. Rapoport works with clients creating trusts and estate plans and otherwise helping title their property to make it less likely that expenses of probate will be incurred.

Efficient, Expedient Probate Services

In the process of probating any estate, it can take time, training and instinct to locate missing assets and positively identify all beneficiaries. With 30 years of experience, Cleveland probate attorney Alan J. Rapoport has distilled this process down to a science and an art. With steadfast, efficient service, he can ensure that your loved one's assets are properly distributed in an expedient and cost-effective manner, avoiding complications in the future.

For a free initial consultation, contact the law office of Alan J. Rapoport today.

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